5 thoughts on “FAQs”

  1. I wish this was available for high school teachers. I teach US History and a Culture and Diversity class at the 11 and 12th grade levels and this workshop would be most advantageous to me and my classroom.


    1. Hi Maria. Thanks for your interest in our program. We did a version of this institute for school teachers two summers ago and enjoyed it very much. We likely will do another one for school teachers in the future, so keep a look out for an announcement from NEH in future years.


  2. I agree with Maria. I am a high school teacher, and am very interested in this offering. I applied when it was offered two years ago, but was not selected. Please offer it again for K-12 teachers!


    1. I’m sorry you were not selected. We had over 350 applicants last time, and so in addition to the quality of the applications we had to balance out a lot of factors like geographic diversity, teaching experience, grade level, and so forth. We will do our best to offer this again as a school teacher program.


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